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5 Questions To Ask Your Tire Dealer

5 Questions For Your Tire Shop

Tire shopping can be overwhelming. There are so many manufacturers, styles, sizes and features that the average person might not know just where to begin. Often consumers focus on price, and of course staying within budget is important, but there are other aspects of a new tire purchase that you should understand before you take out your wallet.

In most cases, your tire professional will probably walk you through this information as part the normal customer service process but are a few basic questions to prepare you before you start shopping.

1.   How can I tell when it’s time for my tires to be replaced? 

For optimum safety and performance, tires should be replaced when:

  • Tires reach 2/32 of tread, (or the remaining tread doesn’t touch Abraham Lincoln’s head when a penny is inserted upside down between the treads),
  •  The wear indicator  
  •  Wires are showing
  •  They have become unsafe due to uneven wear or other damage.
  •  You feel like your vehicle is taking too long to stop (and your brakes are fine)
  •  Your tires are more than 10 years old

.2 Can you provide a few options for tires that will meet my budget?

Good tire professionals will be able to provide you with two or three tires that are within or very close to your budget. They should also ask questions regarding the type of driving you do, how long you expect to keep your vehicle, etc. A salesperson who only checks for the right tire size is not ensuring that you receive the best tires for your driving habits


3.   What are the safety features and ratings of each of the tires you are suggesting?

All tires are not created equal. Remember that price is just one of many factors to consider when purchasing your tires. Ask questions about the features of each of the tires.  Stopping distance, climate differences and driving habits all factor in to choosing the best tire for your vehicle.

4.   What kind of warranty comes with my new tires?

Tire shops offer different kinds of warranties with different tires. It is important to understand whether flat repairs, tire replacement and other kinds of road hazards are covered and for how long at the time of your purchase.

5.   Does it make any difference where I buy my tires? 

Consult a tire professional rather than just  a generic store that “also sells tires”. A person who makes a career in the tire industry will be thoroughly trained and knowledgeable about the various manufacturers products and have deep understanding of safety issues regarding tire installation and maintenance.

There are many qualified professional tire retailers to choose from. You should select a supplier who will be there for you if problems arise after your purchase. Get to know the retailer and let them get to know you and your car. A shop that specializes in tires is usually your best choice.

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